Monday, February 22, 2010

Beauty at a Distance

Your sad eyes speak to me from miles away,
and I long to make the dark clouds leave your skies,
your youthful face caresses my eyes,
like freshly harvested silk woven into perfect lace,
longing to hold you and embrace the life that shines,
across the great distance between us,
I crumble under the weight of it,
and am left broken,
a faint heart beat
on this pile of rubble that once was a man.
Unknowingly you wield this power innocent,
yet casualties are all around you.
It is far too much to dream of looking at you,
holding your palm to mine.
To touch the siren song
to feel the warm embrace that your look belies,
I am left abandoned by all reason
looking at your face,
but to see a smile cross your lips
to hear the joy of the world when you laugh
to weep in the darkness of overcast shadows
when you cry.
Innocence has slain the beast
without raising a malicious finger
for a brief moment
that will leave me changed

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