Saturday, December 27, 2008

New Found Fire

You danced into my life
like a firefly
welcoming the spring
from a cold stark winter
Alone yet full of you
I am like a river
cascading over the precipice
to become a waterfall
not caring
what may lie around the bend
Knowing you are with me
and thus I can conquer
Though I envelope you in my arms
I take shelter in your embrace
closing my eyes I see your face
and feel your soft lips pressed to mine
Your voice echoing in my mind
like a dream
and I am inspired
with each new revelation in you
adding fuel to the fire
I want to take you higher
white hot yet cool to my touch
I welcome you
into my room
like the sunlight
on a cool summer morning
ever embracing the chance
to explore the mystery of you
as the shadow of doubt
crosses your brow
like a cloud to block the sun
I will be there giving heat
to burn through
with sincerity and passion
razing to cinder
all that may come between us
The avatar made servant
under the yolk of your casual glances
It may be too risky
to fly so high on uncertain wings
but I'll take my chances
far above the soft billowy clouds
of casual acquaintance
Like a phoenix I catch fire
gathering speed to fly higher
knowing that in this moment
the song in my breast is you.

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