Monday, November 18, 2013


The chance for hope, for love and
companionship to hold and shape the now
with the hand of you in mine and
revelation on my lips...

The future in bold letters across the sky
burned into being with passion and


Being, truth in the moment, this real
infinite everlasting moment that is the

I have been numb to the world in an
absence of affection and have diminished
to that place where I can only see my
flaws reflected in your eyes.

So far from where I wanted to be but in
this new place it doesn't matter, I am,
and that is enough.

You are as an oracle of legend that your
very presence wakes the sleeper to engage
in life,
to play and live magnificent
as the truth of who we are...

A flower impossibly blooming in the
winter of my reality.

A gift of hope that all is not lost and
the season is changing.
As sure as the spring, the sun will shine

and melt away the ice of discontent.
I will clear the branches over the garden
to let the light in and grace those
precious petals with warmth and love.

With gratitude I will move about the
world today.

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